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Liebe Enkel, ein Webcounter galt damals als sehr sehr cool.

Hello. This is my homepage. (Yes, kids, that's what it was called in 1999)
I am a professional webmaster. (Yes, kids, that's what it was called in 1999)
From its earliest stages I am running the world's most famous website Actually, it might only be Germany's most famous website. Or Cologne's? At least it is MY most famous site.
Anyway, running such an important site requires 24/7 attention and dedication, and therefore I couldn't find a single quiet moment after 2002 to take care of my personal site and to remove all the blink and font tags, spacer table gifs and all the other 90's stuff.
Willkommen bei -
die historische Homepage (2002) von
Ulrich Babiak

Ausschlafen we used spacer gifs back then
So consequently, the web style police shut down the site.
Then, Greepeace seized my old steampowered dev server that was generating the HTML code with some php2 "scripts" (Yes, kids, that's what it was called then). The server had a slightly subobtimal carbon footprint. Now, the global site footer ("generated by u2a.php") is the last remainder of better days. All I have left is my old emacs cheat sheet but it's so washed out by my tears that I can't read it any more, so the content of this site remains carved in stone.
Now you know the sad story behind this site's lack of updates ... handkerchief anyone? I would recommend to leave this site soon so you don't get infected. Some "hyperlinks" in the right column might be useful for that ... :-))

© Ulrich Babiak / AG Ausschlafen - (Impressum) - zuletzt aktualisiert 11/2002 mit u2a.php